The main ingredient of the white candle is paraffin, which is a non-crystalline substance with no fixed melting point. Generally speaking, household or art candles will soften and deform when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, and gradually melt when they reach ...
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  • Shijiazhuang zhongya candle automatic tealight candle produce line

    Shijiazhuang zhongya candle Co,. Ltd. a candle manufacturer in shijiazhuang city hebei province china, supply most countries for different item paraffin wax candles. Stick candle, fluted candle to africa market. Mid east countries, and some european countries and zhongya...
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  • Nigeria candle order business 2022

    Candle TO Nigeria ,Bougies to Nigeria with Soncap Certificate . With the globalization of international trade, more and more governments are implementing compliance assessments as part of their sustainable development plans, use It to protect domestic ...
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  • zhongya Candle factory supplier candle inspection

    Now since 2020 year, Haiti candle market policy change many, it need inspection before shipment to get COC. Our candles are popular in Haiti, we have more experience in Congo Market. Candles carton are small but strong not easy to broken and candles color is off white an...
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